Download movies &Web series in free

How to Download Movies &Web series for Free!

In this Article i have listed Top sites to download webseries which are popular these days . 

Why Webseries are getting popular these days? Just because yo don’t need any tv connection or have to wait for next episodes as all episodes are launched in a single day  you don’t have any in between Webseries and Certifications

Here are the following steps how to proceed downloading

  1. Click the link of any site from table listed  below  and open it.
  2.  Enter the name of webseries in search box. 
  3. and click to download(it will direct to different sites close this sites move back to original site)

There is another alternative to download Movies &web series

Download using Utorrent Software

Here are the following steps to download using utorrent software
  1. Download utorent by clicking on the button or in mobile download from the playstore
  2. after installing the software 
  3. open a new website in browser 
  4. click any of site showing good speed
  5. Enter the exact name of webseries or movie in search box
  6. Then select the movie according to you (720p, 1080p,)
  7. click on the magnet button .
  8. Url will be directly pasted in utorrent and download will start automatically

Download using Telegram on mobile

Telegram is one of the best app where new released movies or web series are uploaded after one or two day of release . Latest  movies are uploaded but the quality of print is not that good for good print you have to wait for few more days

Steps to download from Telegram 
  1. Download telegram from playstore by clicking on the button 
  2.  After installing sign up with your number.
  3. after signing up search bollwood movies, webseries,netflix,amazon Etc. 
  4. Then select the group and join or subscribe it
  5. latest movies or previous posts can be seen by scrollinng up 
  6. Click on the link for download or to Watch online 

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